Ito Group is a major global supplier of precision assembly equipment, producing both its own equipment and working closely with suppliers such as Ohashi Engineering, Musashi Engineering, Nippion Avionics (Avio), Sun-Tech, Atmospheric Plasma Process Company, and others.

Ito Vietnam is the largest supplier to Indochina of equipment used in the production and assembly of Flat Panel Displays. In particular, Ito Vietnam has known for its Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) bonding machines, including equipment used for HSC, TAB, COG, COF, COB, FOF, and FOB.

Ito Vietnam also works with its partners to provide Systems Integration services. In this business, we would integrate our own and other manufacturers’ machines into a production line designed for a specific application. More information on our Systems Integration capabilities can be found under the Services category.